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The AHILA Constitution


  1.  To promote closer association among health information professionals in Africa.
  2. To promote a high standard of library practice for health information services, education and research in Africa.
  3. To work in close collaboration with the World Health Organization Regional Office for Africa and cooperate with national and international health organizations and learned societies in full mutual respect of their objectives.
  4. To participate in international activities in the field of health sciences information.
  5. To carry out other activities on which the General Assembly agrees.

The Governing Body

  1.  The Governing body of the Association is the General Assembly.
  2. It is formed by two representatives from each institutional member plus all other members.
  3. It reviews the progress of the Association since the past session of the General Assembly.
  4. It has to elect the Executive council and the officers.
  5. It has to meet if possible not less than once in two years.
  6. It has discuss the reports of the Secretary and Treasurer presented by the Executive council.
  7. It deals with any other matters and may delegate authority to the Executive Council.

The Executive Council

  1.  The Executive council is formed by the officers and four ordinary members elected by the General Assembly. It is a representatation of French-speaking, English-speaking and Portuguese-speaking countries.
  2. The four ordinary members retire after two terms of office.
  3. The Executive council is responsible to the General Assembly for carrying out its decisions.
  4. It is responsible for sending copies of the General Assembly report to each member six months after each session.
  5. The current Executive council has to present a budget estimate for AHILA activities and report to the General Assembly, with its recommendation.
  6. It meets where wherever possible between meetings of the General Assembly if a quorum (50%) of Council is present.
  7. The Executive Council may co-opt members as deemed necessary.
  8. The Executive Council has the right to appoint sub-committees when necessary.


  1.  The Officers of the Association are, the President, two Vice-Presidents, the Secretary, the Assistant Secretary and the Treasurer.
  2. Unless otherwise stated the term of the officers is from the end of one General Assembly. They may be re-elected. The President is NOT eligible for re-election for more than two successive terms.
  3. Depending on the national language to the first Vice-President, the second Vice-President is from either a French-speaking, an English-speaking or a Portuguese-speaking country. The Vice-Presidents hold office for two successive terms and are eligible for re-election.
  4. The Secretary and the Treasurer may be elected for a period of two successive terms and may be re-elected. They are required to give at least four months notice of any meeting of the General Assembly, and circulate an agenda to arrive at least three months before the meetings.
  5. Any vacancy occurring in the offices is been filled at the recommendation of the President or the Vice- President by an existing member of the Executive Council.

Voting Rights

  1.  Institutional members have two votes each.
  2. Regular members have one vote each.
  3. Fellows, Honorary members and Associate members have no voting rights, but are other-wise entitled to all privileges of the membership of the Association.


  1.  The finances of the Association comes from subscription as well as donations and grants;
  2. Such subscriptions are determined by the General Assembly on the recommendation of the Executive Council;
  3. Subscriptions may differ as between institutional members on the one hand and associate and individual members on the other;
  4. Fellows, and Honorary members are NOT liable to pay any subscriptions to the Association;
  5. Subscriptions are due and payable on admission to membership and thereafter yearly, or updated for the intervening years at the General Assembly;
  6. Only paid-up members are eligible to vote or hold office;
  7. The funds of the Association are deposited in the name of the Association and the signature of the Secretary and the Treasurer are the authority for transactions, except as otherwise determined by the Executive Council;
  8. The accounts of the Association are subjected to annual audit;
  9. The funds of the Association are used:
    1. to meet administrative expenses;
    2. for the cost of activities approved by the General Assembly. 

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